Michael's SGF Repository

Here you can find several collections of games in SGF format. If you find any errors or have any games for me to add to the collections (even ones that would start a new collection), please email me.

European Amateur Games

I have collected over 150 games from top European competitions, such as the Fujitsu qualifiers, Toyota Tour tournaments and national championships, and sorted them by the average rating of the players. This includes the games of pros active in Europe, of course. Quite a few are commented, not necessarily in English.

Last update: 8 Dec 2003, 227 games.

RICOH Professional Pairs Cup

I will add games from previous tournaments as time allows!

Other sources

There are of course several other sources for large collections of SGF files. First some commercial ones:

And here's what you were really looking for: collections of SGF files which are downloadable for free!

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